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Dan, the coach of the Tuileries: play your best body card

Categories : In the neighborhood, published on : 12/15/18

Good intentions for some, addiction for others: we all know that a healthy mind in a healthy body is key in our relationship to the world. However, how to achieve that? And, even more, with whom? Practice sport? Yes, but with whom. Everybody is looking for his/her mentor who will know both to listen to you and to guide you on this path of self-achievement.

Being just 28, Dan has already an impressive career on his shoulders and a great mastery in coaching. All smile, he crosses athletic constitution, presence, and expertise. He has been using his active wisdom for several years now, spending his time between the Garden of the Tuileries and appointments at home. First target: listening to your own body. It goes with nutrition, respiration, stretching, and exercises. And don’t hesitate to put on your boxing gloves. Very kindly, Dan escorts everyone on this mental and physical path in order to provide some basis on which to build one’s vitality. Dan’s numerous encounters made him notice the following starting point: “People don’t want or don’t know to listen to their own body.” “Many people don’t know their real potential and underestimate it.” Transformation is a beautiful thing to see when it happens and becomes alive. From his past as a boxer, Dan masters both techniques of English and Thai boxing. Furthermore, he passes on the knowledge of his physical trainers who taught him to box since he was 9. Amongst all of them, two have been crucial, including Jeannot from Mémilmontant, who taught him as a child: “Even if you are not a great champion, behave as such. Attitude is all.” “When you box, you immediately send away a signal to your opponent. This is why you must always get up from the ground when you fall.” The great sportsmen are very calm. They impose respect by their great physical and psychical presence. Being non violent, they have conquered a body and a heart. Amongst his clients, many want to start sport from scratch or over again, they just don’t know where to start. Boxing is a wonderful sport that is based on physicality but above all on observation and reactivity. Many of his clients want to learn or practice boxing but don’t want to find themselves in a boxing club. Dan also coaches great sportsmen before a physical competition. Practicing means being in control of oneself. Once a week is already enough. When Dan is not at home, he works in the Garden of the Tuileries. “I have been found of the Tuileries since my childhood. It is a magical place where one goes through beauty. One runs amongst trees and pieces of art. One practices on historical staircases.” It is just a stone’s throw from the Hotel de Lille. 

Since it opened, the Hotel has created several jogging routes in the most beautiful places of Paris and is happy to provide to his clients with Dan’s advices. This is great initiative to convert good intentions into rewarding actions. You can call it pure happiness.

Dan: class from 80€ onwards. Private boxing class and sport training alone of with friends: 80€.

Dan Coaching : 06 20 99 27 19 // dan.coaching.ent@gmail.com

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