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Gardens and flowers of the Hotel de Lille and the Tuileries

Categories : Event, published on : 6/5/19

If Paris is the City of Light, it’s also the city of gardens and flowers. This June, Paris and the Hotel de Lille offer a flower-filled journey from the Rue de Lille to the Jardins des Tuileries. Beneath the beautiful June sun, we invite you to discover the most beautiful species of flora, innovations, creations and landscape artists. Celebrate the joys of nature with the Hotel de Lille and the exhibition Jardins, Jardin (Gardens, Garden) from June 6th to 10th in the Jardin des Tuileries.


In June, Paris is a garden

On the agenda:

On June 6th, during the famous Carré Rive Gauche art and antiques trail, the Hôtel de Lille is transformed into a garden. For this special occasion, Stéphane Imowicz, proprietor of the Hotel de Lille, and its manager Philippe Daucet, who are both horticulture enthusiasts and lovers of gardens and flowers, invited Béatrice Saalburg, a gardener and botanical painter, to sign copies of her book, Le Florilège du Jardin de Brécy  (Anthology of the Garden of Brécy). This magnificent book celebrates the great adventure that began in 1992 in the remarkable Italian and French garden at the Château de Brécy, situated in the heart of Normandy near Bayeux. This book is the result of the talent and skills of various European and American artists who, over 7 years, captured the images of the garden’s plants and flowers. This edition is the first such horticultural anthology to be created in the 21st century in France. “Face, profile, rear view, full blooming or faded, the flower is celebrated in all its forms. Botanical painting is both technical and artistic, an alliance of rigour and beauty,” explains Béatrice Saalburg. An Emeritus Professor of Graphic Design at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs, Béatrice Saalburg has attained a complete mastery of the art of botanical drawing and painting and teaches these techniques in France and abroad. The method she uses is to look at nature, understand the plant, then highlight its beauty and uniqueness by using her drawing and watercolour painting skills.

Aquarelle by Sonia Mirat

The entire facade of the Hotel will bloom with the superb Flower creations of the famous florist artisans of the Rue des Saints-Pères in Paris. These amazingly creative people offer, in accordance with the seasons and their inspirations, exquisite and romantic bouquets and rustic, abundant and elegant floral arrangements. All elaborated with seasonal flowers These are the ones that bloom every day at the Hôtel de Lille. Garlands of flowers will cascade along the windows and facade to the entrance of the Hotel Rue de Lille. This is, however, just a first step towards the development of a terrace of flowers and plants in front of the Hotel. There we will create a small haven of greenery where you can enjoy a drink, read, and meet friends in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.


June 6th to 10th brings Jardins, Jardin to the Jardin des Tuileries

Close to the Hotel, the Jardins, Jardin exhibition offers the opportunity to enjoy an enchanting programme of discoveries, workshops and meetings with leading gardeners. During the 4 days of the event, urban garden and exterior design professionals and amateur enthusiasts are welcome to stroll, experiment, taste and buy. All are invited to:

- Discover more than 30 temporary gardens created by experts…

- Meet, exchange and buy from hundreds of exhibitors specialising in all aspects of the garden, from decoration to furniture, and from services to gardening equipment...

- Take a walk in the Grove of Innovation, created by designers, students and artists who will exhibit their work and garden design prototypes…

- PParticipate in meetings, visits and workshops.


On the agenda:

Visit the Chanel greenhouses: CHANEL welcomes you to discover its undulating garden and its greenhouse placed under the sign of the white Camellia Japonica Alba, the iconic floral motif of CHANEL.

The GardenLab Tours: the magazine that brings the garden into all habitats offers the opportunity to awaken the senses by discovering the backstage temporary amenities designed for Jardins, Jardin.

Discovery the Louvre walk: the myths and realities of the Tuileries animals. A guided tour conducted by professional gardeners looking at the history and biodiversity of animal life in the Jardin des Tuileries.

An exhibition presented by ARTCURIAL The auction specialists Artcurial present the Monaco Sculptures project, exclusive to the Jardin, Jardins event. This travelling exhibition displays some 60 sculptures by 20th and 21st century artists.

The Hotel de Lille is delighted to share with you its passion for gardens, its environmentally friendly attitude and the enchantments of Paris and its blooms.

Colombe de La Taille

Main photo credit : © Jean-Pierre Dalbéra - Flickr