Saint-Germain-des-Près has always attracted intellectuals and artists, from Saint-Exupéry to André Gide, from the surrealists to Alberto Moravia, from Vian to Sagan, and from Hemingway to Gainsbourg.

Amongst all these stars the Hotel de la rue de Lille has chosen 15 about whom it is passionate. Each one "occupies" a room or suite of the hotel which is dedicated to them. You are invited to find out more about the personalities who are the roots of the fame of this part of Paris through their works, and through the objects, furniture, and photographs that we have chosen to represent them.

In this way they will become the most famous guides ever to help you discover or rediscover all the great places to go in Paris.

Hôtel de Lille

Serge Gainsbourg

Categories : Artists, published on : 7/7/23

In Gainsbourg (Paris 1928-1991), you can find everything. Poetry, humour, provocation, despair, love, sex, alcohol, women - beauty and the beast. Then there is jazz, the javanaise, reggae, rock, funk…He wanted to be a painter but became famous as a songwriter and composer, with songs like "Poinçonneur des Lilas" (the ticket puncher at Lilas station) and "Love on the Beat".

He began working with Brel and Gréco, then wrote songs for Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Adjani, and, of course,Jane Birkin, with whom he had a daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg, born in 1971.

For 10 years Jane and Serge were a couple whose every move was followed by the media. In the 1980s he created the character of "Gainsbarre", a tortured, badly shaven, alchoholic poet, to add yet another facet to his legend.